We lead our clients to the beginning of good life.


1. We always prioritize our clients and greet them with smile.

2. We provide our services speedily to save our clients` precious time.

3. We work politely for our clients, paying special attention to even the tiniest things.

4. We do our best for our clients as much as we can.

5. We believe ourselves and our collegues` skills and grow together.

6. We provide friendly services, feeling the pleasure of cooperation.

7. We keep pace with the society and develop together.


We work to satisfy requirements of each client.

We open new opportunities to our clients.

We create a new world with our clients.


   A meaning of the word “NEST” is a bird`s cage, which is made with every single thin strip, and it symbolizes the overlap of next new stages as life is rich.

“NEST” Project is the first one-stop real estate service in Ulaanbaatar and provides counselling services on all aspects of selling, buying, renting or leasing the real estates.
We also solve all your problems such as interior desin, utilization and maintenance, efficient use of real estate and asset management when you entrust them to the “NEST” one-stop real estate service.

We aim to introduce an innovative one-stop services related to the real estate, which is not available anywhere else in Mongolia, to provide a variety of news and information, ensure to meet new ones and create a new era of life. This is our comprehensive service as for the “NEST” Project team.

We will provide you with the best interior design solutions and consulting services to answer your questions by using of our extensive knowledge and information.